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Plan Your Move with Tips from Wheaton

Murray and Sons Moving Company encourages our customers to learn all you can about moving before you relocate, as doing your research leads to less stress down the road. Wheaton World Wide Moving created the documents below to educate our customers on all areas of moving, from downsizing and packing to loading the truck and traveling to your new home.

Your Rights & Responsibilities When You Move: To help consumers understand their role in a professional move, the FMCSA mandates that all moving companies make available Your Rights & Responsibilities When You Move. Call us at  732-477-1818 with any questions.

Ready To Move: The FMCSA checklist for anyone moving within the United States is a brochure designed to help you think of all the oft forgotten tasks that surround moving.

72 Ways to Save Money When You Move: Hiring a professional mover can be expensive, but there are plenty of things you can do to stay on budget with your move.

Valuation brochure: While our movers are dedicated to safety, accidents do happen. Read through this document outlining protection plans to decide what’s best for your move.

Time to Get Moving: The month leading up to your move will be a busy one! Choose your mover 5-6 weeks before your move in the summer (3-4 weeks before your fall or winter move), then follow this checklist for all your other moving tasks.